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Constructing Fun While Learning

Explore architecture, engineering, movement, programming and teamwork with Robotic Explorers' labs. Our students will construct cities design vehicles, replicate animal movement and compete in sports, all with the use of LEGO and robots!

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COMING Summer 2018
3D Design and Printing
(Ages: 6-12)

Students learn to represent the shape of things while designing projects to create with the 3D printer.

LEGO WeDo (Ages: 6-8)

Our participants explore movement with LEGO WeDo machines, all with computer programming and engineering fundamentals.

LEGO in Motion (Ages: 7-9)

Young builders make use of gears, pulleys, wheels, and axles to bring their models to life with real-world animation techniques.

LEGO Mindstorms (Ages: 9-13)

Testing their techniques, this series offers investigative challenges using LEGO dynamic Mindstorms platform, letting explorers build, program, and test their robot using sensors and mechanical actuators.